Free School Meal Eligibility Checking Services

Babcock 4S offers a Free School Meals Eligibility Checking Service SLA, which streamlines the current Free School Meal checking procedure, saving you time and resources. This new SLA is a quick and more efficient alternative to the existing laborious process, where schools are always required to obtain supporting evidence proving eligibility to receive Free School Meals.

Key Benefits

- Simple FSM application form for parents/carers to understand and complete
- No supporting evidence of benefits and tax rewards required – form more likely to be completed and returned
- For every successful eligible applicant the school receives Pupil Premium Funding (see for current funding figures)
- No laborious checking of application forms – elimination of errors and confusion
- Faster and more efficient online checks
- The batch e-mail results provided by Babcock 4S are suitable for school audit purposes
- Termly checks ensure that the correct pupils continue to get FSMs and schools no longer have to re-check personal circumstances of parents/carers
- FSM entitlement is confirmed in real time and meals quickly provided.
- Schools with cashless systems can automatically upload the FSM daily allowance onto the system reducing pupil stigma
- Possible increased take-up of FSMs
- Confidentiality is preserved as the ECS is a secure Government website that does not provide any information other than “True” and therefore eligible or “False” which means the pupil may not be entitled to free meals
- The FSM ECS is currently over 90% accurate in assessing claimants as eligible or ineligible
- Saves schools time and resources



For further information on buying this SLA service contact 



For further information on the FSM checking service and how it works please contact 0800 073 4444 Ext 834218

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