National PSHE CPD Programme

Preparing for statutory PSHE education and wanting to engage in professional development?  The National PSHE CPD Programme provides effective training for all PSHE professionals.

The Children and Social Work Bill 2017 ensures that PSHE will become statutory in our schools from September 2019.  The National  PSHE (Personal Social Health & Economic) CPD Programme is provided by Babcock 4S and is a successful piece of Continued Professional Development which combines practical activities and theory to provide the very best PSHE developmental training and pedagogy.  More than 10,000 teachers and other professionals have benefitted from taking part.

PSHE addresses skills including communication, assertion, reflection, managing emotions and assessing risk.  It also considers the specialist areas of Drug Eduction, Relationships and Sex Education, Staying Safe, Financial capability and Emotional Health and Well-being - making a huge contribution to the Behaviour and Safety and Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development of children and young people.

The DfE have confirmed the importance of PSHE and have stated that - 'PSHE is an important and necessary part of all pupils' education.  All schools should teach PSHE drawing on good practice' (2013).  Click here for the full report:   Personal, social, health and economic (PSHE) education.

Definition of PSHE

Personal, social, health and economic education (PSHE) is a planned programme of learning opportunities and experiences that help young people grow and develop as individuals and as members of families and communities.

Benefits of the Programme

This comprehensive training provides a valuable opportunity for teachers, community nurses and other professionals to develop their knowledge, understanding, teaching and learning skills in the delivery of PSHE within schools and other settings.

This programme explores areas surrounding:

•  the theory and concepts underpinning PSHE and its specialist areas

•  guidance and appropriate laws which support and impact upon PSHE

•  assessment and evaluation of PSHE

•  being an effective practitioner

•  inclusion and equalities

•  normative education

Key features of this programme

PSHE is a specialist area of the curriculum dealing with complex and sensitive issues. The National PSHE CPD Programme has been developed by subject experts and is based upon effective practice and subject pedagogy as highlighted through DfE, Ofsted, Healthy Schools and related literature and research. This Programme’s accreditation, through the University of Roehampton, is testimony to the thorough approach which places participants at its heart.

Ofsted and the Macdonald PSHE Review have also highlighted this programme as providing some of the best CPD.

Overview of course

We provide a comprehensive three-day training programme delivered at levels 4, 5 and 6 (HE1, 2 and 3) and accredited at 30 credits through the University of Roehampton. Participants will also have access to the University’s extranet site ‘Moodle’.

All participants are asked to submit an assignment to support their developmental learning journey, along with a reflective lesson plan, a scheme of work and a lesson observation.  The length of the assignment will depend on the level chosen for study:  3,000 words at Level 4, 3,250 at Level 5 and 3,500 at Level 6.

Who should attend

Our programme is aimed at teachers, HLTAs, community nurses, police officers, teaching assistants, youth workers, fire and safety officers and other professionals delivering and supporting PSHE in schools and other settings.

Suitable candidates will already be contributing to a sustained programme of PSHE for children or young people in a school or other setting.


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Courses are available throughout the UK including London, Surrey, Devon, Leeds, Darlington, NE Lincolnshire, Wiltshire, Liverpool, North Yorkshire

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National PSHE CPD Programme London events

  • Event Code: 18T/14118 The Wesley Hotel, NW1 2EZ
    Sessions 1 Friday 9th November
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  • Sessions 2 Friday 18th January
    National PSHE CPD Programme
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  • Session 3 Friday 15th March
    National PSHE CPD Programme
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National PSHE CPD Programme Surrey events

  • Event Code: 18T/14119 Babcock, Leatherhead
    Session 1: Friday 16th November
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  • Event Code: 18T/14119 Babcock, Leatherhead
    Session 2: Friday 25th January
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  • Event Code: 18T/14119 Babcock, Leatherhead
    Session 3: Friday 22nd March
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“After the first day on the course I went back to school with many ideas and put them forward to my headteacher and she wanted to implement them all. This has continued as more and more whole school actions have been developed. The National PSHE CPD Programme has completely changed the way PSHE is now considered within our school. It has given me the confidence to believe in my own skills and provided me with a knowledge base which I can share with colleagues. Our school has benefitted so much from me completing the course and I don't think we would be in such a good position had I not attended it.

We now have a solid PSHE curriculum that is taught and monitored consistently, an SMSC ethos throughout the school that is explicit and a cohort of children that are being prepared for the real world and challenges that they will face.”

(PSHE Lead and Class Teacher, Manor Primary School, Reading)

Feedback from PSHE Lead and Class Teacher, Manor Primary School, Reading

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