Babcock 4S understands that effective school leadership is critical in improving educational outcomes, promoting high expectations and meeting the rigorous demands of Ofsted and the DfE. Our Leadership programmes and support packages strengthen leadership at all levels, empowering headteachers, governors and senior leaders to build leadership capacity, deliver whole-school improvement, secure better teaching and learning, and manage complex organisations more effectively.

We work in partnership to understand the context of your school and its specific challenges and needs. We will work with you to establish coherent leadership development strategies through:

• Auditing and validating leadership effectiveness

• Building and sustaining leadership and management capacity

• Developing coaching and mentoring skills

• Facilitating collaborative leadership

Key features

• Pre-Ofsted review and Post-Ofsted support to develop self-evaluation systems and validate internal judgements

• Tailored curriculum design, models and approaches

• Use of assessment to inform planning, learning and teaching, including formative and summative approaches

• Effective use of data and targeted intervention programmes

• Curriculum design and support including key stage reviews, resource management and innovative learning environments

• Support for subject expertise and pedagogy appropriate to the key stage such as;

– Literacy, mathematics, science, ICT, RE, PSHE and citizenship

– Special and Inclusive Provision: Support for alternative accredited learning pathways, including Foundation Learning and Functional Skills

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